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About Designer--Lisa Jurgensen

Doing something in design has always been my destiny. When I was little and playing with Barbie's, I would spend hours redecorating her house. I loved to see all of the ways the furniture could be arranged. That is what kept my interest. Keeping my room immaculate and organized was a must! All of these interests continued to grow year after year. Decorating my college dorm, apartment, my friends rooms evolved into homes and eventually businesses. I have been in Interior Design for over 18 years. I moved to Irmo from Atlanta in 1998 and started my company - Vie Elan Interiors.

When you find your passion, everything you do going forward is not work but an exciting adventure! Nothing improves your outlook on life than a beautiful space or room that you can come home to at the end of a long day. Life is about finding a balance between work, home and play. That is where my passion lies. When you take the time to create an atmosphere that you enjoy spending time in and love coming home to or work in, then your life improves in so many other areas.

Often times I hear clients say they would love to have a room or house redesigned but they do not have the time or budget. Any room can be made better. Start off slow, change a couple of things and when your budget allows, start adding more to your vision. At least you will have a design plan and goal for your business, house or even one room. Begin somewhere and you will see how much better you feel.

I would love to help you with your ideas and goals to make your house or business something you enjoy every day and are proud of. No project is too small and every vision can be implemented one step at a time.

One of my favorite quotes that I like to repeat to my clients taken from my Interior Design Community....

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

Let me show you how changing your space can make a difference in your life!

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